26. November 2022 Stefan Schmid

2023 Championship Game will take place in the SCHAUINSLAND-REISEN-ARENA

With 18 franchises from ten nations, the European League of Football will enter its third season next June. Planning is already in full swing, and those responsible for the continental league have now made an important decision: The Championship Game 2023 will be played on September 24th in the SCHAUINSLAND-REISEN-ARENA in Duisburg. After Düsseldorf (2021) and Klagenfurt/Austria (2022), the most important and biggest game in European football will take place in the heart of the Ruhr area.

«With this, the place to be for all teams is fixed. We are pleased that we were able to provide clarity at an early stage and have the certainty that the next final will also take place in an outstanding setting. It is a beautiful stadium and offers the right infrastructure for a great football party, which we will celebrate with the fans around the Championship Game. The games of Rhein Fire, who are at home in Duisburg, have shown how great the enthusiasm is,» said Zeljko Karajica, Managing Director of the European League of Football.

«Football of the European extra class in our arena. We will experience impressive sport in front of enthusiastic spectators in the sports city of Duisburg. I’m looking forward to it,» says Duisburg Mayor Sören Link.

After the success of Frankfurt Galaxy in the premiere season and the recent triumph of the Vienna Vikings, incidentally both over the Hamburg Sea Devils, league commissioner Patrick Esume is eager to see who will make it to the final this time. «When I think about our Championship Game being played in the Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena in 2023, I already get goosebumps. And that’s how it will feel for everyone fighting for it. No matter who wins the tickets for Duisburg in the end, it’s going to be crispy. The Rhine-Ruhr region is a football stronghold in Germany and the atmosphere will be sensational,» Esume stressed.

«The European League of Football has developed rapidly since its launch, both in terms of sport and structure, and has formed a large community. We are proud to host the Championship Game next year and can’t wait to welcome the European football family to Duisburg. Together with the league’s officials, we will do everything we can to give this sport the stage it deserves,» said Christopher Mainka, of Duisburg’s stadium company.

The European League of Football will start its third season in June 2023, with 18 teams targeting the final on September 24th in the SCHAUINSLAND-REISEN-ARENA: From Germany, Berlin Thunder, Hamburg Sea Devils, Frankfurt Galaxy, Rhein Fire, Cologne Centurions, Stuttgart Surge, Leipzig Kings and Munich Ravens want to qualify for the Championship Game in Duisburg. The same goes for defending champions Vienna Vikings and Raiders Tirol from Austria, Barcelona Dragons (Spain), Panthers Wrocław (Poland), Istanbul Rams (Turkey), Milano Seamen (Italy), Prague Lions (Czech Republic), Fehérvár Enthroners (Hungary), Helvetic Guards (Switzerland) and Paris Football Team (France).